Friday, November 12, 2004

Introduction to a study of Christianity

About a half a year ago, my brother sent me a letter in which he explained his movement toward Christianity and urged me to the same. Over the course of the subsequent months, and despite several mishaps (at least two of which were cat-named-Ndugu-related), I managed to produce a lengthy, probably boring response in which I laid out the source of my own interest in Christianity, the obstacles to my acceptance of Midwestern evangelicism, and the likely trajectory of my faith. Since it's become more of an always-already work in progress (meaning that, for my own purposes, I rather like its perpetual incompleteness), I've figured it'd be more appropriate for the blog format than the letter format. The latter creates a logocentric illusion of permanence, while the former fosters a discursive flux which, to me, seems a form more adequate to its content.

In the next few weeks, then, I'll be posting a series of mind-numbing exegeses on the phenomenology, practice, hermeneutics, and ethics of Christianity through the lens of yours truly. Since, contra the central thesis of Lutheran-derived Protestant ideology, this stuff doesn't emerge ex nihilo, comments - especially critical ones - are thoroughly encouraged. Despite my own intuitions, I probably won't get smarter and wiser in a one-sided conversation.