Friday, December 10, 2004

More on the Declaration

Media Matters reports that Sean Hannity is still claiming that a school district in California has banned the Declaration of Independence, despite being told by the teacher that it actually hadn't tried to do just that.

Obviously, reporting inaccuracies are always disturbing, but this one is especially so because Fox really seems to be throwing a lot of energy into convincing its viewers of something that patently isn't true. As I noted earlier, the real problem here is that this is probably going to solidify into an urban legend, bound to be forwarded around crackpot rightwing email circles. When that happens, it will form part of the background against which future bullshit will be judged. In other words, the next time Fox or Rush trumpets this kind of hokum, people will think, 'This [bogus] story is probably true. After all, those crazy liberals even tried to ban the Declaration!"