Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What happens to terrible movie ideas?

Here's the answer. This guy's site reproduces the awful movie ideas that have been to him.

Truly brilliant. Here's a sample, but it really doesn't do justice to the rest:

The protagonist's challenges throughout the story are:
1) A seagull attack gave him Seagull Herpes, an incurable disease that will soon kill him.
2) The seagull attack also tore a bone within his calf in two. His best medicines are herbs and acupuncture, so the bone never fully heals, and it causes internal bleeding for him to walk. The story involves him running a lot.
3) He has to save his continent from a thing that is destroying it. A corporation has been selling an additive in forms like cigarettes that is not a virus, drug, or nano-machine. Nobody knows what it is, but the smell causes addiction. Withdrawal is fatal....

The year is 3126 and a cataclysm three centuries ago had caused a dark age. Whether this is good or bad is open to opinion....The corporation that caused the cataclysm intended world domination, but they split into six corporations that have feuded amongst each other....Most places are a wilderness and the wild animals left alive are farm animals and pony-sized dogs.