Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sally gets a blog!

I'm not keen on capital-R Romanticism, but there are some people that have a real gift for beautiful prose. When I have to write beautiful prose, I have to labor over it, continually editing and rewriting, dropping in some alliteration here, some internal rhyming there. The end result....usually doesn't quite match my ambition, unfortunately.

My girlfriend, though, has some innate feel for the language that charms the hell out of me. Plus, she cracks me up. Hopefully I'm not setting the bar too high. At any rate, here's a snippet (or the majority, actually) of the inaugural post from The Sleeper Car:

After approximately 2 and a half years living in Greenpoint, I have moved to Bay Ridge. To sleep. A good one year of Greenpoint was spent devoid of sleep. A haze that I was partly to blame for but mostly the fault of others. The insomnia haze called my old apartment was ripe with the worst neighbors ever.

Nightime has now bestowed upon me a new blessing. The blessing of quiet. I can sometimes hear my naughty cats scampering around at 4 in the morning. But mostly I can my hear my boyfriend dream. Or I can listen to my own.

Although I escaped from a tiny railroad aprtment we now live in The Sleeper Car.