Monday, May 16, 2005


This post from Rude Pundit says it all. Exerpt:

But, c'mon, why bother apologizing when the right is so fuckin' fond of
trottin' out the Holocaust whenever they want to forcefully make an "argument."
Remember when Grover Norquist compared the
"fairness" of the estate tax to "the morality of the Holocaust"? That was sooo
clever. 'Cause, see, with the estate tax, the government "discriminates" by
taking some money from really, really rich dead people; and in the Holocaust,
the Nazis "discriminated" by killing millions of men, women, and children and
burning their bodies. You can see how readily the two are analogous.

He's got more examples, by the by, all of which are insane. Which reminds me of the Anchoress. In commenting on Robert Novak's slow-news-day column about how it's wrong for people to request public records, she unleashes this gem:

Incredibly sleazy but more troubling than mere sleaze, and I say this as a
former Democrat. The GOP never did anything like this, not on a continual,
incessant, pro-active sort of basis. The Nazis did, though - character
assassination was job 1 for them.

So you see, not only is requesting public records wrong, it's objectively pro-Nazi.

What slayed me is Amy K in the comments section: "You can always count on the left for elevated and reasoned discourse. " Uh-huh.