Sunday, January 09, 2005

Baudrillard on 9/11

"It is almost they who did it, but we who wanted it. If one does not take that into account, the event lost all symbolic dimension to become a pure accident, an act purely arbitrary, the murderous fantasy of a few fanatics, who would need only to be suppressed. But we know very well that this is not so. Thus all those delirious, counter-phobic exorcisms: because evil is there, everywhere as an obscure object of desire. Without this deep complicity, the event would not have had such repercussions, and without doubt, terrorists know that in their symbolic strategy they can count on this unavowable complicity."

We support this with the unforgettable Onion headline from their incredible 'Holy Fucking Shit' 9/11 issue:

American Life Turns into Bad Bruckheimer Movie.