Thursday, January 20, 2005

Christian victim mentality

Bad Christian seems to suggest that Christians pull the victim crap out of some sincere & stupid belief that they actually are persecuted. I'm not so sure; I know plenty of card-carrying members of the Religious Right (hi, Matt!), and they're not stupid. In fact, some of them are shockingly intelligent despite their inane political and theological beliefs (hi, Matt!). This strongly suggests that they're being politically cynical; they see that the victim card is a winner, and co-opted it for their team.

Certainly that's behind the utterly retarded abortion=slavery meme. I'd bet dollars to donuts that that particular bit of insanity was drawn up at the marketing department of Focus on the Family. On another note, I find it particularly amusing that identity politicking is now being re-appropriated by the left. As much as I loathe this particular form of discourse for its exploitation of emotion at the expense of reason and whatnot, it seems to work.