Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Anal Philosopher? Not so anal, apparently

Here's the Anal Philosopher quoting Bobby George approvingly on same sex marriage:
It is certainly unjust arbitrarily to deny legal marriage to persons who are capable of performing marital acts and entering into the marital relationship. So, for example, laws forbidding interracial marriages truly were violations of equality. Contrary to the published claims of Andrew Sullivan, Andrew Koppelman, and others, however, laws that embody the judgment that marriage is intrinsically heterosexual are in no way analogous to laws against miscegenation.
I find it a little disturbing that a philosophy professor, of all people, is so blind to the banality of this, which simply presupposes that "the marital act" is vaginal intercourse. There's really not much more going on here than the same old marriage essentialism argument (if you can call it an argument), not unlike something the General would write.