Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Via Pandagon is this head scratcher of an opinion piece:

One of the most frequently offered arguments by proponents of same-sex marriage is that it is not gays wanting to marry a member of the same sex that threatens the institution of marriage, it is the high divorce rate among heterosexuals.

One reason this argument is so often made is that it appeals to the religious as well as the secular, to conservatives as well as liberals. This is too bad, because the argument is a meaningless non sequitur. First, while divorce ends a given marriage, it does not threaten marriage as an institution.

All I can say is: huh. Somehow, divorce isn't a threat to marriage, but gays.....huh. As it turns out, it's the standard "we can't redefine marriage because then I'll have to buy a new dictionary, this one not being updated since 1859 and marriage being the only word I look up, which I do daily to assuage my fears that incredibly high levels of divorce haven't changed the definition from 1859" style argument.

Seriously, what a nutter.