Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What's Going on in Fantasy Land Right Now?

Apparently, Right Wing News thinks that a vote can swing an election. But, in what must have something to do relativity or quantam physics or something, it only makes a difference if you vote for a major party candidate. I would think, of course, that my one vote, out of the thousands and thousands of votes for a given election, wouldn't matter regardless of which party I voted for*. But see, I don't work for that bastion of nobel laureates at Human Events. Apparently, Human Events is like a black hole: the laws of statistics (and the virtue of rationality) break down in its presence.

Imagine that, though: to write that crap, he actually had to walk over to a typewriter, think of something stupid, and then commit it to writing.


* It should be self-evident that a single vote doesn't make much of a difference, which is why voting isn't predicated on rationality; it can only be grounded in the citizen's duty. The upshot is that one actually is wasting one's time if one doesn't vote for the best candidate regardless of party.