Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.

From Palin's book:
He then launched into a discussion of nutrition physiology, holding forth on the importance of carbohydrates to cognitive connections and blah-blah-blah.
Whiskey Fire notes:
And in one sublime sentence, an agglomeration of comedy gold on the scale of Scrooge McDuck's money bin, in which Palin says Steve Schmidt is a dick for suggesting she can't make cognitive connections while making a cognitive connection with "blah-blah-blah," we discern the yawning abyss of stupid through which Sarah Palin stumbles as she fails at everything, I can't take any more, the end.
Palin is just fucking outstanding. More like this, please, GOP.

Monday, November 16, 2009

If conservatives are like a room full of 12 year-old remedial students, Allahpundit is an average 12 year-old. Quite a bit smarter than his peers, but still not terribly impressive in the grand scheme of things.

With that, check out his "expose" on how Stern has failed to register as a lobbyist despite not being require to.

Quoth the mediocre-intelligence blogger:
At 9 am ET today, Americans for Tax Reform and the Alliance for Worker Freedom will deliver a letter to both chambers of Congress and to US Attorney Channing Phillips in Washington DC, demanding a federal investigation of Andrew Stern, president of the SEIU. They will claim that Stern, who stopped registering as a federal lobbyist in 2007, has continued his lobbying efforts.

The relevant law here is 2 USC 1602(10), defining "lobbyist" as:

any individual who is employed or retained by a client for financial or other compensation for services that include more than one lobbying contact, other than an individual whose lobbying activities constitute less than 20 percent of the time engaged in the services provided by such individual to that client over a 3-month period.

According to the wizkids that Allahpundit cites, Stern spent a whopping 22 days lobbying Obama. So, in the parallel world where the earth orbits the sun in 110 days, Stern easily satisfies the definition of lobbyist. (assuming each visit was a whole day, which I'm sure the geniuses at Hot Air built into their model. I mean, you don't work for Michelle Malkin w/o being one smart cookie).