Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Creepiness of the Conservative Base

So, it looks like Obama's step-aunt is in the country illegally. The generally sane blog Tigerhawk has conjured up an impressive mix of the very creepy and the very stupid.

First, the creepy:
How is he supposed to enforce our borders when his own kith and kin are illegals and he has done nothing about it?

Clearly, per Tigerhawk, people with illegal immigrant relatives have an affirmative duty to turn their relatives into the INS. Water is thicker than blood for conservatives, it seems. I'd advise getting far, far away from one's conservative family; there's no telling what they'll tattle about.

The stupid:

The problem, of course, is that this revelation would put Obama in a very difficult spot as president.

It does? The implication seems to be that presidents are in "very difficult spots as president" when they have personal interests in the outcome. The upshot: McCain would benefit - immensely - from the tax cuts he's proposing. Does that mean he has some inextricable conflict of interest that makes his judgment impossible to trust? His judgment is obviously untrustworthy, but it's not for that reason. Presidents make decisions on topics that impact them and their relatives all the time. Yet it's only in this context - the context of a black relative - that this issue is raised.

Pretty convenient. Oh, and fucking retarded.